Our Team – SNR Furniture

Meet With Our Solid Team

Mujiyo Purnomo  Head of Production – Raw Body

"I have worked in SNR for 12 years. I have been working in the industry since a was young. Working with furniture has always been my passion and my speciality. In my opinion, one reason that makes SNR stands out is our relationship with the clients. We take pride in manufacturing many kinds of design. Every design is unique and even challenging. In spite of that, we always make sure that our furniture meets our clients’ expectations."

Nanang Aristanto  Head of Production – Finishing

"Production and finishing in SNR have always been fascinating for me. I have been working in SNR for 9 years and I see how the products’ quality has continued to grow higher every year. We have gone through many phases on finishing experimentations to give the best outcome for our client. I truly believe that SNR will keep being innovative and persevere the furniture manufacturing industry in Indonesia."

Sumantri Kusumo  Head of Quality Control

"Quality control is the most pivotal part of SNR. I have worked in SNR for 10 years and I can say that we do have a high standard of quality. The most challenging part of my work is dealing with vendors. We always want to keep a good relationship with vendors, while upholding our high-quality standard simultaneously. We continuously maintain the quality consistency of the materials from our vendors."

Dwi Riyanto  Production Planning Inventory Control (PPIC)

"Working in SNR for 12 years has allowed me to learn more about the manufacturing industry. One of the reasons that I choose to stay in SNR for this long is because of its solid teamwork. We work together rather than against to solve problems. As PPIC, I have responsibilities with the orders and production planning, making sure that our production is on schedule without neglecting our quality standards. My other colleagues and I take serious responsibilities when it comes to clients' requests."

Lusiana Selamat  Purchasing of Support Material

"I am proud to be part of SNR’s family for the last 11 years. The key to my working life is to enjoy every work that I do and I do enjoy working here. I really hope my working experiences can grow further with SNR."